My Love of Book Sculpting

 Have you ever thought about what happens to old books.
I love my books so much that I keep every single of of them, the house will be over crowded one day

I know, that's ok if we run out of room my beloved can move out to make room for the books.

The only way I would part with my books is if this was going to happen to them.

Book sculpting
I ♥ it 
 The Mad Hatters Tea Party
 Peter Pan
I'm in awe of such talent, Su Blackwell and sure must to check out, you will fall madly, deeply, truly in love with her work.
There are of course many more artisits that have captured my eye, but not as much as Su's work does.
Except for one young lady called Gina Lee who is still in school in West Salem Oregon.
♥ it

♥ Olive

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  1. what works of art - absolutely mesmirising! What a find - I would love the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! xx

  2. I studied Su Blackwell a little in my first year of art, I think she's amazing too. :)


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